At Kozmosz Vegan restaurant...

our goal is to spread the vegan lifestyle and prove that vegan food is not only delicious and healthy but also diverse, filling and affordable. All of our meals are strictly plant-based - they do not contain any traces of meat, dairy, eggs or honey.



  • those who are also vegans for ethical reasons
  • those who follow a plant-based diet for health reasons
  • those who want to try the vegan cuisine
  • those who want to eat healthy
  • those who are none of the above but still want to eat something delicious!

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The kitchen closes: On Weekdays 14:45 and 21:45, on weekends 21:45. Thank you for your understanding!

Gluten-free dish / Dish with gluten-free option
Soy-free dish / Dish with soy-free option


Bean Goulash 890 HUF
seasonal soup690 HUF

Main courses

Seitan stew with 'nokedli' dumplings 1690 HUF
Quesadilla 1690 HUF
'Cottage-cheese Csusza' 1790 HUF
Greek Briam 1690 HUF
Barbecue Seitan Plate1690 HUF
Penne All'Arrabbiata 1690 HUF
mushroom ragout with coconut milk 1690 HUF
garden salad 1690 HUF
beetroot burger 1090 HUF
bean burger 1090 HUF


Layered pancake 590 huf
seasonal desserts 590 HUF


espresso / americano350 HUF
cappuccino / caffe latte450 HUF
Apple juice / pear juice150 HUF/dl
beetroot juice200 HUF/dl
Mineral water290 HUF
tea490 HUF
Beer (alcohol-free, brown and wheat too)490-890 HUF
Pálinka / Unicum200 HUF/cl
wine490 HUF/dl
organic 'must' (from anna winehouse)290 HUF/dl
kombucha600 HUF
syrup150 HUF/dl
fritz kola690

About our dishes

All of our dishes are 100% plant-based, they do not contain any traces of meat, dairy, eggs or honey. The menu contains our most popular dishes and we have special offers depending on the seasonal vegetables to bring variety.

For our special offers follow us on our Facebook page.


Some of our dishes

The restaurant

Phone / booking: +36 20 514 6663
Telephone only during opening hours!



How to get to the restaurant:

  • metro: M1, Vörösmarty utca
  • tram: 4/6, Oktogon/li>
  • bus: 105, Vörösmarty utca
  • trolley-bus: 73 or 76, Andrássy út

Address: 1067 Budapest, Hunyadi tér 11.

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